Weeping Dermatitis

Weeping Dermatitis
Weeping Dermatitis[/mage]
I have chronic contact dermatitis, does anyone know of any treatments for when it erupts?

I have been to the Doctor and had patch tests done but they all seem to be useless and the doctors aren’t listening to me when I explain what’s happening. I don’t know what is causing it, but i need something in the mean time to help with the pustules, sores, crusting and weeping. it’s really painful. Please someone help!

skin ailments are the most frustrating conditions because they are difficult to treat, they often have psychological reasons or are due to allergies or -none wants to hear that- a genetic predisposition.

My advice:
1) try to get a specialized dermatologist to see you when the problem is apparent.
2) avoid all possible irritants/allergenic materials from fabric softener to textiles.
3) avoid allergenic food
4) make sure that you are in good health overall and do not stress too much, stress affects your skin more than you’d know

5) make sure your skin is well moisturized. Use a dermatological moisturizer. Your skin is much more likely to be sensitive when it is dry. For a similar problem -that was very painful with bleeding, sores etc.- I used vaseline and I stopped using commercial soap [I use a pharmaceutical liquid cleaner that is more expensive but more gentle with my skin, you can find a variety of similar stuff at your drugstore].

Maybe your problem is more serious than mine but for me, as long as I make sure that my skin is well moisturized and never gets dry it is perfectly healthy. It sounds too simple, I know, and I never believed I could solve my horrid looking sores by vaseline but it happened. At times I looked at my skin -at my arms- and I was sure it would never look normal again and now none would know I had this problem.

Give it a go.

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